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Ellen G. White® Estate

We are the authorized publisher and printer of Spirit of Prophecy books in Indian languages

We have signed agreement for two major projects:

Spirit of Prophecy Project: Steps to Christ, Last Day Events & Counsels for the Church in 14 Indian languages

Growing Together Project: Acts of the Apostles, Christian Service, Christ’s Object Lessons, Council for Church, Counsels on Stewardship, Desire of Ages, Ministry of Healing, Patriarchs and Prophets, Prophets & Kings, Story of Redemption  in 8 major languages of India

In collaboration with Publishing Ministries, GC; Ellen White Centre, SAU; Special Ministries, SUD; Publishing Ministries, SUD

Senior Lesson Study – Student
Senior Lesson Study – Leader

Beginner – Student
Beginner – Leader
Kindergarten – Student

Kindergarten – Leader
PowerPoint – Student
PowerPoint – Leader
Primary – Student
Primary – Leader

Adult Mission
Youth Mission

Goal Chart


We are the official printer for all Sabbath School supplies for Southern Asia Division of General Conference of
Seventh-day Adventists, in English and in all major languages of India

Adventist Review Ministries

In January 2014, Adventist World Digest became available in Thai and Bulgarian, as well as in the main languages of the Southern Asia Division:

Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Garo, Khasi, Assamese, and Mizo. Their combined circulation will be over 133,500 copies per quarter.

OWPH will be responsible for pre-production and distribution.

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