Oriental Watchman Publishing House Production Department will accept only jobs that in both text and illustrations are in harmony with the Christian standards held by OWPH and its parent organization—the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Such standards include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • No alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, caffeinated beverages, or biblically unclean meats.
  • No jewellery or immodest clothing.
  • No dancing, gambling, or sexually suggestive activity—explicit or implied.
  • No cursing or obscene or vulgar language.

All commitments for jobs to be produced outside of normal in-house work flow shall be made through the Production Manager, who will insure that all such jobs adhere to the Brief Statement of Standards above. Other departments at OWPH are not authorized to make commitments for printing jobs.


Before a job number is issued for a printing job and before any department charges time to it, all such jobs shall first be reviewed by the Production Manager. If a job is judged to be acceptable, the Production Manager will so indicate by placing an approval.


Any job containing theological information or other matter that might be of concern to the Church shall first be reviewed by the Editorial department before the job is approved or a job number is issued.


Both OWPH and the customer must agree on compliance with the Statement of Standards in order for a job to be accepted. Noncompliance with the Statement on the part of the customer will be deemed a breach of contract, releasing OWPH from any obligation to complete production of the job.


If at any time any job is judged by Oriental Watchman Publishing House to be unsuitable for production, it will be returned to the customer.

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OWPH Specialty Printing only accepts jobs that are in harmony with the Christian standards held by OWPH and the Seventh-day Adventist Church.



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