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Specialty Printing is the printing component of Oriental Watchman Publishing House. It may surprise you to learn that OWPH has a printing plant in addition to design, editorial, and business offices, all under one roof. This arrangement sets OWPH apart from other publishing companies and allows it to offer unique printing services to select organizations and companies that are seeking a quality printer. These services are offered through Specialty Printing.

At OWPH every printing job is treated with the highest level of respect, quality, service, and skill. Our satisfied, loyal customers return to OWPH for high quality offset printing and product we deliver.

OWPH Specialty Printing can meet your printing needs including, but not limited to, books, or magazines. (See Policies & Guidelines.) We invite you to experience the special treatment, professionalism, and quality craftsmanship offered to each Specialty Printing client.

Let all be fully prepared to disseminate the light by word and by pamphlet.  There should be hundreds of little tracts scattered as the leaves of autumn….

Reputed Customers

OWPH provides specialty printing solutions. To know about our clients both past and present.



Printing Policies

OWPH Specialty Printing only accepts jobs that are in harmony with the Christian standards held by OWPH and the Seventh-day Adventist Church.



Print solution under one roof. Provides editing, translating and dtp services. High quality offset printing, finishing, packing and distribution.


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