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Church ministers, pastors, and teachers.


Get your printed resources from Oriental Watchman Publishing House for subsidised rates for your programs and events.

Acquire great Adventist literature to strengthen your relations with God or to share with others to help them find God or develop a stronger relationship with God.

What can church ministers expect from Oriental Watchman Publishing House?

To help church ministers be as successful as possible, OWPH can prepare needed printed resources for your ministry such as: Books, Booklets, Posters, Banners, flyers etc.


Pastors are the number one reason people buy books from Christian book stores. One of the biggest challenges facing the publishing house is creating awareness in church members. Many of our members have limited access to Adventist literature. Being able to see what is available is not a reality for a lot of our members. Getting solid Adventist reading material into the hands of our members is vital to the spiritual health of the church. OWPH is committed to making this happen.

Publishing is changing. What people read, how the read, and how they access what they read continues to change. Reading is still critical to spiritual health. Pastors are a vital part of the publishing ministry.

What books are you recommending to your members?

Pastors, we want to share with you what is happening in publishing ministry. Tell us you want to be a part of this ministry


Sabbath School Teachers:
Contact us for Sabbath School supplies and guides for:

  • Children
  • Youth
  • Adults

Ask for additional reading material for research and study.

Adventist School Teachers:

OWPH is equipped to provide textbooks and other teaching aids for Adventist teachers:
Higher Value Education Series for standard LKG to XII

  • Term books for LKG/UKG
  • Cursive writing books LKG/UKG
  • Science textbooks for standard I to V
  • English textbooks for standard I to V
  • English workbooks for standard I to V
  • Mathematics textbooks for standard I to V

Ask for additional reading material and teaching aid for research and study.

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