Natural Remedies Encyclopedia


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NEW!! Bigger and better than ever! An incredibly helpful book that people will want to keep near them. The NEW Edition of the 8½ x 11, hardback NATURAL REMEDIES ENCYCLOPEDIA covers over 730 diseases and disorders.(Most books of this type only touch on 80 to 125.) It provides full coverage of herbs, hydro-therapy, nutrition, and has a full-color cover design and two colors on every page of the book. Complete page cross-referencing throughout the book, so the reader can instantly turn to related information; six “Find It Fast” pages and they are in multi-colours; a beautiful, concept-based picturization on the covers; two colours on nearly every page in the book; a full-sized “Women’s Section”, containing seven chapters; In coming months and years, In the home of each purchaser, the Encyclopedia will be recognized as a valued friend in time of need.

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